Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pregnancy: My Nursery

I have been promising for weeks, even months, to show you baby B's nursery.  Unfortunately, things didn't start coming together until about three weeks ago.  I'm still missing a dresser (don't get me started on my issues with Amazon) but I can say with confidence that if she came tomorrow the nursery would be workable!  Considering that I'm now officially "full term" she could make an appearance any day now.  I'm just happy she now has a personalized space of her own.



When we first painted the nursery we were unaware of the baby's sex.  We decided on a light green because it's the perfect gender neutral color.  When we found out she was a girl I decided to play with pinks (of course) and other pretty pastels.  I really wanted an owl theme because, honestly, it's so easy to find owl related items in any store.





As you can see, a lot of my Hello Kitty collection has made it's way into her room :)




Her shoe collection is already quite impressive.  Looks like she takes after mom!


Her custom closet is done!  I opted out of regular closet doors and went for ruffled waterfall curtains instead.  I think it makes the room look a little bigger and adds an extra touch of femininity.

I should be getting her dresser in the next week or so and I'll be adding the finishing touches while I can.  Being on maternity leave is pretty nice but I feel like I always have something to do here at home.  I guess you can never be too ready!  What do you think?


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