Friday, December 13, 2013

My Sweet Fireball


If there's anything that maternity leave has shown me this past week, it's the amount of boredom that comes with staying at home.  I have been counting down these days for months yet now that they're here I'm oddly missing work.  I've been at my hospital for over five years and I've never taken more than one week off at a time.  I guess you can see what a culture shock that must be because I have no idea what to do at home!  The good thing is I now have time to take pictures, blog, and keep up with my favorite blogs as well.  I feel like I'm so out of the loop so this is the perfect time to play catch up.





Dress- Modcloth (old, similar)
Sweater- swap with Jessi
Tights- Target
Boots- Modcloth (similar)
Ring- Forever 21
Hat- old

I have a serious problem when it comes to printed dresses and cardigans.  I need to have all of themJessi was generous enough to let me borrow her reindeer cardigan, which is actually perfect timing because we've had quite a cold snap here.  Okay, before anyone gets all crazy, a southern California cold snap is highs in the 40's-50's.  That's pretty much unheard of!  So while it's been nice and sunny, a few extra layers are needed with the constant wind.  I swear I'm not complaining.

My birthday is in less than two weeks and I think I'm too worried about giving birth to be excited.  My doctor told me she's going on vacation between the 20th and the 29th so I'm obviously terrified that B is going to show up between those two dates.  We are hoping she tries to stay in until New Year's day but you never know.  It's my nature to imagine the worst case scenario so here I am worrying about it!  As long as I get to spend my birthday at home I'll be fine.  Right?!?




  1. Everything will be fine! When are you due again? My bff is due Jan 6th and she just went on maternity leave too!

    xoxo, The Occasional Indulgence

  2. You look stunning! This outfit is so cute...and I love the boots. I may need to put those one my wish list!

    So excited for baby to arrive...oh and your

    -Chymere A. ♥

  3. You look beautiful! I can't believe that you are finally ready to have her! It seems like you just got pregnant. Anyways, I've always been curious as to what stay-at-home moms do? Especially once their kids go to school. I feel like I'd go crazy. But I guess at least having some time off means you can get relaxed and caught up before she's here. You are a Christmas baby, right? So much is happening for you at the same time!

    1. It feels like it's been an eternity! I think when your kids are home being a stay at home mom is a pretty difficult job. But once they go to school I think I'd be bored as hell! I've just been doing a lot of cleaning and watching tv. Yep, I'll be 30 on the 25th, it doesn't even feel like my birthday this year!

  4. It's funny seeing you all bundled up, I'm so used to you in sundresses and heels! I love how even pregnant you're rocking a sexy back cut out dress!

  5. You look so so darling Ashley! You make the cutest prego and I really love the way your hair color has grown out, it looks so pretty like that!

  6. I adore printed everything as well! You look lovely!

    Miche from Buttons and Birdcages

  7. Oh man I would be scared too, but everything will be alright! No use worrying so much that it ruins your birthday celebration!

    In other news I have a dress that's almost exactly like yours with the cutout back like that. I love how your reindeer sweater looks with it! So cute!

  8. look at that belly...too cute in that dress! as much as i loved my maternity leave, i missed the interaction with people i had at work and couldn't wait to go back.

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  9. You look so cute! Thw cardi and tights are adorable!
    Wow, the time passed so fast, it's like you just got pregnant and now you're preparing to give birth! Can't wait to see your baby. :D

  10. You are the cutest, EVER. I love this neutral look with the grey and black. This sweater is seriously so lovely, I love a good reindeer print.
    Yeah being stuck at home sucks, I lost my mind after I had surgery adn was home all the time!! Can't believe it's almost time for the little miss to make her debut, so exciting!

  11. That'd be so fun if you gave birth on New Year's Eve. Well fun in the sense that she would be a New Year's baby : )

    I love the photo of you showing your nail art.


  12. Wow I love this dress on you !!! Such a beautiful preggo!

  13. Oh my, how beautiful! You look lovely in that dress. I like both the cut out of the back and the cardigan too :)

  14. You look great! That sweater is too cute. Wasn't the cold weather we had nice? I'm so bummed it's back in the 70s now. Good luck with these last few weeks of your pregnancy :)

  15. I'm sure it will all go well. I can't wait to start my maternity leave as I still have a long list if things I want to do but my husband is convinced I will be bored! X

  16. I love this cute and cozy outfit Ashley! Jessi's deer cardigan is amazing and so are your nails! Excited that you'll have a bit more time to blog and catch up, I am always feeling like I am so behind on blogs! Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Hannah

  17. You look lovely, dear! That's so interesting that you find yourself bored at home now that you're on leave, but I suppose it makes a lot of sense when it's really not what you're used to!

  18. Looking so cute in that outfit & the bump!!!


  19. Awww, aren't you such a cutie! I love your LBD and this fun printed cardigan!

    Xo, Hannah


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