Sunday, December 8, 2013

Makeup Review: Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen

It's been much too long since I've done a makeup review!  To be honest, since buying a home I've had to put a bit of a limit on my frivolous spending.  Makeup happens to be in that category.  At my baby shower my sister did a wonderful thing: she gave me a Sephora gift card.  While getting things for the baby is exciting (and she did already buy me a swing), it was nice to be able to pamper myself just a little bit.

Walking into Sephora I knew I wanted to try a new eyeliner pen.  I did a review on my last pen purchase HERE but I was unsatisfied with how quickly it dried out.  I came across this Marc Jacobs Magic Marc'er Precision Pen and was instantly intrigued.  The reviews were all pretty positive (yes, I check) and just by applying the sample pen on my hand I could see how pigmented the liner was.  The only down side?  It's thirty dollars.  I would normally just keep looking for something cheaper but I decided to treat myself with my gift card.  Thanks, Christina!




Let me start by saying that this eyeliner is wonderful.  The tip of the pen is really fine and perfect for thin lines.  I usually like a thicker line but it was fun to try something different.  It was really easy to apply and it glided on evenly.  It also lasts forever!  Even when I tried taking it off the first time with soap and water it stayed right on.  Some would say that would be a negative, but you can either pay some extra special attention to your lids when washing your makeup off or even use the same lines for the next day.  Not going to lie, I've totally used it two days in a row.



Like I mentioned earlier, the only down side is the price.  I've been using it for about four or five weeks now and it hasn't dried up at all.  Maybe it's better to invest in a more expensive liner that lasts longer?  I can't imagine finding anything that works better but I'm always on the hunt!

I haven't seen it anywhere else, but you can get it at Sephora HERE.  Have you tried this Marc Jacobs liner before?  What's your current favorite?  Let me know!




  1. Oh I wish they start selling Marc Jacobs makeup here, the liner looks so stunning on you.

  2. I must try this liner, sounds and looks amazing!

  3. I am totally going to have to try this pen out!! I am always on the lookout for good liquir eyeliner, I can't get enough of my cateyes!
    Also, you look absolutely GORGEOUS. So excited for you with everything going on in your life!

  4. I've never seen this liner before, but it looks fabulous on you...but then again, you're totally glowing right now!!

    xoxo Jackie

    Something About That

  5. I love that it stays on forever. That makes me want to try it. I always hate that my eyeliner smudges or wears off if I sweat a bit. Thanks for this review!


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