Sunday, September 22, 2013

Pregnancy: Maternity Staples

I've been meaning to do a post like this for quite some time.  I feel like most women go a little overboard when it comes to purchasing maternity clothing.  In my first trimester I bought three maternity dresses and at 25 weeks I've bought little else.  The reality is that most of my dresses still fit, and if you dress smart, you don't need to spend much for just a few months of wardrobe.  Here are a few of my maternity staples and all of them are for a woman on a budget!

Bodycon dresses:

Tight dresses was never a staple in my closet until after I was pregnant.  When your body changes so much you have a hard time feeling like yourself.  I realized that accentuating my new pregnant body actually made me feel much better than trying to hide my bump in drapes and layers.  This dress from ASOS is perfect for fall and it comes in many different lengths and colors.

Cute flat shoes:

As much as I love heels (and I really, really, do) I've pretty much retired them all.  Not only do your feet get swollen, but having to shove them into a narrow pump hurts them about ten times more than it used to.  That doesn't mean you have to break out the horribly ugly flip flops and Uggs though.  Ruche has a wonderful selection of cute and comfortable flats.  I picked these ones because I love the ankle strap and the price (30 bucks!).

Maternity jeans:

I'll admit, I don't wear jeans or even pants on a regular basis.  Or ever.  But my style has changed with my growing belly and I'm actually looking into a great pair of maternity jeans.  Since I'm due in January I figured one pair wouldn't set me back too much.  These jeans from ASOS are my pick because they sit low on the waist and they're a great "skinny" cut.

Belly band:

To those ladies who don't want to invest in maternity jeans and can still fit into their regular ones, a belly band is the perfect solution.  It allows you to keep your jeans unbuttoned and unzipped without exposing any unwanted areas.  I bought this exact belly band from Target, but I use it at work.  I had to up a size on my scrub bottoms but they're still much too large on my waist.  I put the belly band over my scrub pants and they fit perfectly!  Plus, it offers some support which is great when I'm standing all day.

Maternity tights:

I'm a huge tights person but I realize that all my tights won't be fitting me comfortably once I'm in the later stages of pregnancy.  These pregnancy tights from Old Navy are wonderful because they have an extra stretchy waistband and tummy area for that growing belly.

Every item that I've mentioned here is under fifty dollars and perfect small additions to your already fabulous pre pregnancy wardrobe.  You can still look gorgeous and feel comfortable as a pregnant woman on a budget!  Have any maternity staples that I haven't shared?  I'd love to know :)



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