Friday, July 19, 2013

What's on my radar: Current Loves

This edition of current loves is just a little sad... Only because I can't afford any of my picks.  Not only am I living on a ridiculously fixed budget (houses are expensive!), but any disposable income is going towards our baby.  That doesn't mean I can't dream!  Here are my picks this month:


I own one of these amazing handmade dresses and I want nothing more than a closet full of them!  Not only are they fully lined and beautifully constructed, the prints are fun and great for summer.  Oh, and there's also a huge sale going on in her shop too.  Check it out HERE!

Love Culture striped skirt

I own about 3 black and white striped skirts and I swear to you they're all different!  Although I've never shopped in an actual Love Culture store, I find so many gems online.  This skirt would be perfect to wear in any season and would look wonderful paired with a bright colored top.


While I love a great pair of heels, my feet have been loving my flat shoe obsession lately.  T-strap shoes are so visually appealing and the addition of the chains makes these even more desirable.  I would love to wear these with that striped skirt above!


This dress is just beautiful.  I love the cut and it actually comes in a bunch of different colors.  I have a very special wedding coming up and if I didn't have a baby belly, I'd put this in my cart right now!

I have a not so secret obsession with Chantal and her artwork.  I've always wanted to splurge and get a custom painted pair of shoes from her (chihuahuas, anyone?).  Maybe one day, or maybe for my baby to be :).  Anyway, these shoes are on sale and you can get a pair of your own HERE!

Modcloth striped/floral dress

I love mixing prints!  So when you find a dress that does the print mixing for you how can you resist?  I also think the nautical feel to this dress pulled my heart strings just a little more than usual.  This would be a great dress to pull into your winter wardrobe as well.  I can totally see pairing this dreamy print with my favorite blue peacoat.

What's on your wishlist this month?  Is there anything sitting in your virtual shopping cart?  I'd love to hear about your great finds!




  1. I have an ebay watch list as long as my arm! I have a deep love for swing dresses, but I'm in the same boat as you, tight budget means I can't afford to spend $70 or more on a single dress (its hard to find clothing that is affordable, a style I love AND in my size).

    I've decided to try my hand at sewing my own. So far I've made one circle skirt and it didn't turn out too terribly, so yay!

  2. My wish list is the new popbasic box, lol. These are all cute though!

  3. That black and white striped skirt is adorable! There's so many things that I want but then I tell myself not to spend money! Have a great weekend :)

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  4. OMG I love that scalloped blue dress so much!!! Hope you could drop by Old Navy Santa Monica tonight for the Blogger Night event. Details are at my latest post!


  5. Love this list! I too lust after Chantal's shoes a lot lol. I have a Love Culture store in my local mall and I've honestly not been impressed with the quality if their stuff-it's comparable to F21.

  6. I'll take one of evvvverything please!!! Gah, those t-strap blue flats are so gorgeous, my feet neeeed them!

  7. Girl, I have a new list of things in my virtual shopping cart every day. I WOULD like to have a bra-fit swimsuit though so I can go swimming and not feel like everyone's gonna get a show every time. I really like the striped skirt and the flats you shared :) I would wear them together too.

    xo Ashley

  8. PONYCHOPS!! I have been trying to figure out the name of this shop for so long. I saw a pair of super cute shoes she painted a while back and couldn't for the life of me find her with my poor Googling skills :(


  9. Ahhh so many great picks! That last dress is so pretty, I only wish it weren't so pricey!

  10. I just ordered a striped skirt like this from Piperlime because it was on sale & I had a gift card! Can't wait to style it up! :)

  11. Ohhh what a lovely list, the first dress and striped skirt are too cute for words! But the blue dress, thats outstanding. Wishing you a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  12. The first dress is incredible, wow I want a whole closet of them too.

  13. Such great picks! I especially love black and white striped skirt and the blue scalloped peplum dress!


  14. Those t-strap shoes are too cute! I need more flats in my life!

  15. The r-straps are seriously perfect - too bad I can't afford them, either!

    Have the best day ever,

  16. Oh wow...those shoes show a lot of personality! So cute!


  17. I want a custom pair of shoes from Chantal so badly! Puppies would be SO cute. Maybe for Christmas.

  18. Oh, those dressed totally scream you! And I love that scalloped dress--one of my new loves. Yes, you're making some sacrfices, but just remember it will all be worth it in the end! Stay strong and lovely, Ashley!

    P.S. Totally loving the new layout! Joy is a genius (:

  19. Love all of your picks- especially the graphic B&W striped skirt! Super cute!

    Xo, Hannah

  20. That scalloped peplum dress is so amazing!!! xxx

  21. The scalloped peplum dress is sooo pretty! And I LOVE those shoes, so unique :)

  22. such a cool selection of things, thanks for sharing! now i need to go through the tabs ive opened and have a closer look!

    -Tara x


  23. That first dress is too perfect! I love the 50's style!

  24. Ah loving the blue suede shoes! Elvis would be proud.

    Ali of

    Dressing Ken

  25. Thanks for sharing your fashion favourites with me, hope your week gets off to a great start!

  26. I want that UO peplum dress!!!

  27. OMG the peplum dress and the shoes. Amazing! :D Thanks for sharing!


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