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I'm not really excited about it, but I'll be getting rid of my colored hair on Friday.  As you can see in these pictures, I have been waiting until the second trimester to dye my hair again.  Since pink/purple hair requires me to bleach it first, I have to pick an alternative color.  The safety of my baby does come first, but that's not to say I'm not bummed about it!





Top- H&M (remixed)
Skirt- Forever 21
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
Necklace- Urban OG
Ring- Forever 21

Since my body is starting to resemble something I'd see in a fun house mirror, getting dressed has been difficult!  I own hardly anything tight or stretchy but I feel most comfortable in something that accentuates my pregnant belly.  So far I've been able to wear two different skirts one one dress from my closet.  I broke down and ordered a few "bodycon" maternity dresses from ASOS.  They're tight, stretchy, and don't look like I've completely given up on my wardrobe.  I'll hopefully have them by the end of this week!

As for my massive closet filled with fit and flare dresses, they're still wearable but make me feel huge.  Maybe I'm just being vain, but with all the changes I've endured I look forward to celebrating my new body and actually wear things I would never dream of pre-pregnancy... if that makes any sense!  I'll still wear them from time to time, but I think they're just going to be a constant motivation to whip myself into shape next year.  Plus, I'd never forgive myself if I tore one of favorite dresses!

This week feels like I'm saying goodbye to a lot of what I think makes me "me".  But it's just the beginning of the process that will eventually lead to giving my entire life to my child.  And that actually excites me more than anything :)




  1. Ashley you are so cute! You are rocking that bump!

    The Occasional Indulgence

  2. A very thoughtful bog post. It is a bummer not to have the purple hair anymore, but I'm excited to see what the new hair looks like.

  3. I'm excited to see your new hair colour. Don't be sad about losing the pink/purple, before you know it you'll be a mummy and be able to dye your hair again.
    I love the way you style your pregnancy outfits, you always look so well styled.

  4. I'm sorry about your hair :/ Maybe you could keep a few streaks of it underneath so the roots won't be noticeable?

    I think I would only wear a "bodycon" dress if I were pregnant. I would never, ever, ever wear one otherwise lol. I like your attitude about dressing the bump. I think tight clothes on a pregnant body look awesome! Not that you need to worry about it anyway because you look like Emily Blunt!

    Life of Mabel

  5. congratulations you are glowing...don't worry much about your hair, you are still pretty regardless, but im excited to see your new hair

  6. I swear, that baby bump came out of nowhere! But you look so gorgeous! I'm excited to see your new dresses and your new hair color! You can rock anything :)

  7. How cute is your baby bump?! Sorry about your hair, but you can always dye it again after the baby.

    The Tiny Heart
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  8. You are rocking this outfit, and I think the bodycon dresses are going to look AMAZING on you. It's fun to see how your style is changing with the changing body. I am so excited to see your new hair, I bet it'll look so gorgeous. You can rock any hair colour

  9. All these changes have to be challenging. One of the reasons I decided not to have children.

    I'm sure you will be happy with the result of giving up so much though. My sister still tells me that I missed out. I do "borrow" my nieces every once in a while : )

    It will be good to give your hair a rest. You look lovely no matter the colour.


  10. Look at your belly is so cute!

    Don’t worry about your hair... it’s only for a while, you’re going to look pretty any way <3

  11. You really are glowing as a pregnant lady! Gorgeous!

  12. I can't imagine how it must feel to go through those changes! But I may say - you look gorgeous. I think that once you've had your baby you should dye your hair pink if its a girl or blue if its a boy :)

  13. you look incredible.
    That bump seems to have popped out of nowhere, but what a beautiful season of your life to document!
    YOu are amazing

  14. I wonder what color you will go next...and I think it's awesome that you are showing off your body. I see a lot of pregnant girls that don't do it justice and I know some very obese pregnant girls who feel so slighted that they can't show off their bellies which is basically me need to OWN it. Plus you do. I think this skirt is really flattering and you never want to be that pregnant girl that makes people wonder if you are simply overweight, lol, but seriously.

    I know a few pregnant girls that have dyed their hair fun colors and they said they used "pregnancy safe" colors is that not something you can do?

    It's like you're becoming a brand new person! Ahhh!

  15. Gah, you are a totally adorable pregnant lady. It fits you so well, m'dear.

    I cannot wait to see what hair color you rock next! I bet it will be fabulous :)


  16. *waves bye to the pink/purple hair*
    I always wonder how much or little people can play with hair dyes while pregnant. Interesting to know to steer clear of bleaches in the first trimester. I feel like I learn something new every time I stop by your blog!

    Also, you look AMAZING! Gosh, I can only hope when the time comes to be preggers I will look half as amazing as you do!!


  17. you look lovely, such an adorable bump!

  18. I cried once I realized that I didn't fit into 90% of my clothes during pregnancy. Since it was winter leggings & tunics saved me. I was really bummed out during pregnancy with the rapid change of my body. I still am post pregnancy...but I am surely losing the weight! Yet it was all worth it..:-)

  19. Aw well I'm sure your hair will look lovely in a softer shade too, although I do love the bright color on you! Your bump is getting so big so fast, can't wait to see the new dresses!

  20. I'm going to miss you're pink hair but I can't wait to see what new color you go with, & the new style you're adopting for your new pregnancy body! I always loved the fit & flare s but I know you're going to show off some cute new looks.

    Flounces & Hubbub

  21. Oh wow!! I have been out of the loop I guess, this is news to me and it's so super exciting!! The pregnancy, not the hair change, lol! ;) Although I'm very excited to see the hair change too!!! You look great and congratulations!! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)

  22. congrats on your happy news! It is frustrating to not be able to wear the things hanging in your closet, or if you can fit into them they look strange because of a pregnant belly but it's only a few short months! I got a couple pairs of maternity pants and a few dresses and I was able to mix them in with loose tops I already owned.

    good luck with the new hair colour!

    Em K

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  23. You look so pretty (actually, I'm loving your hair here). You'll look great in those body con maternity dresses! I know you're going through a lot of changes, but you really are werking that baby bump (and dude, I have butt-envy!). You're one of the most stylish mamas-to-be around!

    xox Sammi

  24. Hi Ashley, I will be so sad to your glorious pink colour go but its fully understandable how dangerous hair dyes are for mums-to-be and their babies. What product do you use to get this pretty pink shade. Your bump looks so cute, the striped tank is really chic. Lurv that flower ring. I appreciate you taking the time to comment! Happy Friday Doll!

  25. Hey Ashley! I haven't visited in a little while, but I have to admit, I'll be a little sad to see your pink hair go! But who knows, you might even like your new hair more! Love this outfit, the red flats have a nice pop of color!


  26. You're going to be a great mom :) I can feel it. And look at that belly!!! The baby's getting so big :D P.s. you got a little bit of donk, girl ;) Work it! I'm looking forward to your style change actually, it'll be interesting. And yes, I'll miss your hair but it'll be a nice change for you. SO MANY CHANGES!

    xo Ashley

  27. awww congrats you look amazing!

  28. congrats on the baby! you look amazing love your hair


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    Facebook | facebook/winstonandwillow

  29. Such a cute look! Love your red locks!



  30. thank you for the comment you left on my blog <3
    your bump suits you so much ^_^ it will be sad to see your pink hair goes, but as you said baby comes first! xx

  31. beautiful pictures :)
    would you like to follow each other?

  32. I feel ya! It is hard to face some of these changes and yet, worth it for the baby and then it's a little easier to embrace!

  33. Oh yes, definitely choose safety over amazing hair for the moment! It's worth it. But I know how hard it is to lose that fun style. I had purple streaks until I recently covered them up, and I so miss having them!

  34. Ashley, you look radiant and sooooo beautiful! The baby bump suits you very well :) Hope you and your husband are doing fine!

    xoxo, Mary ♡ Fashionbirds

  35. How did I not know you were pregnant? I've been reading your blog long enough now that I should have known. Ha! But I think we're quite close to being exactly the same number of weeks along; I'm due in January as well! How exciting. :) You look lovely, and your baby bump is so adorable! Good luck finding new ways to dress your body now that you're pregnant! I've found that I'm starting to gravitate a lot more towards a retro/vintage style (a lot of my vintage dresses have really flowing skirts, which works nicely with the bump!), but I also want to accentuate the bump. So it's been a challenge to work the two together.
    I can't wait to see your new hair! I'm sure it will be gorgeous on you. Hopefully it helps you not be too disappointed about getting rid of your beautiful pink/purple hair.

  36. Ahhh my goodness you are getting so big! I love your cute bump! You look very happy and gorgeous.

    Xo, Hannah

  37. You are looking amazing! I'll be a little sad to see your colourful hair leave, I always found it suited you soooo well, but the new hair colour will be fun too! I'm so excited for you and this new chapter of your lives :D


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