Friday, August 25, 2017

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

Summer is coming to a close which means my favorite season of the year is upon us!  Fall is filled with fun holidays, traditions, and the best clothing/accessories to keep you looking festive.  This month's installment is dedicated to every vintage-inspired fashionista who loves novelty prints...  Everything from kitschy to classy!  You can check out all my picks below:

Em and Sprout
  1. Ghost Leggings
  2. Pumpkin Pail Brooch
  3. Ghost Enamel Pin- Set of 3
  4. Halloween Skater Fit and Flare Dress
  5. Ghost T-Shirt
  6. Haunted House Ghost Zipper Pouch
Em and Sprout is stocked with spooky goodies year-round but brings out tons of cute handmade items around Halloween.  I've been dying to own one of her Halloween-themed skater dresses for years, I think I'm going to finally take the plunge!  I'd also love to add those ghost leggings to my closet.  Because who doesn't want to look creepy and cute while working off that trick or treat candy at the gym?

Trashy Diva Mime Time
  1. Tuxedo Dress in Mime Time
  2. Re-mix Playtime 2 Wedges
  3. Clear Bangle
  4. Rockabilly Baby Emma Dress in Mime Time
  5. Triangles Kisslock Clutch
  6. Marcella Dress in Mime Time
  7. Re-Mix Pleated Toe 2 Sandals
It's no secret that I'm obsessed with Mime Time (you can catch my outfit post HERE) and I'm just so inspired by the infinite styling possibilities!  I really love playing with black and white together or taking the pastel colors from the print and highlighting them with cute shoes.  I can't wait to wear that Tuxedo dress, it's definitely my new favorite!

Heart of Haute
  1. Estelle Blouse in Black
  2. Summer Dress in Shades
  3. Sweet Sweater in Kelly Green
  4. Sweet Sweater in Pink
  5. Sweet Sweater in Cocoa
  6. Estelle Blouse in White
  7. Summer Dress in TV Time Rust
My goodness, Heart of Haute is killing me with all their cute fall outfits!  I've been a longtime Estelle blouse lover, but layering it under a Summer dress is just perfect.  Like, I need this dress in every print and color.  Their Sweet sweaters are also a great layering piece.  You can tie it in a bow in the front or tie them in the back for a wrap-top look.  I wear my black one to pieces so naturally, I need more colors.

Kitschy Witch Designs
  1. Cauldron Cutie Pin
  2. Moonbeam Novelty Brooch
  3. Pumpkin of my Eye Print
  4. Mystery Action Robo-Buddy Brooch
  5. Ray Gun Gang Brooch
Stephanie Buscema forever has my heart.  She's such a wonderful person and a ridiculously talented artist.  Her shop, Kitschy Witch Designs, is the perfect place for vintage and Halloween inspired clothing, prints, and accessories.  I've featured some of my favorite pins/brooches and the cutest (in my opinion) Halloween print in her shop.  But you should really take a look if you've never wandered in there before: you'll never want to leave!

Hearts and Found
  1. Dorothy Dress in Solid Air Force Blue
  2. Lindy Circle Skirt in Red Gingham
  3. Lindy Circle Skirt in Solid Barbie Doll Pink
  4. Elizabeth Dress in Solid Apple Green
Hearts and Found is another favorite brand of mine.  I'm always clamoring to get their newest novelty print but often forget how good their solids are.  While I have yet to own one of their new Lindy skirts, I feel like I need one in my life!  How amazing is that Barbie pink color?!

What's on your wishlist this month?  Let me know in the comments below!



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