Friday, September 16, 2016

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

Well, I know this was quick but Kevin and I purchased a new home!  We've been looking at a brand new development for several months but the timing has never been quite right... Until now!  This home not only is walking distance to a gorgeous park, dog park, and private pool, it's literally right across the street from Kevin's long time best friend.  Let's just say we are over the moon with this new stage in our life!  So naturally, I had to dedicate today's post to everything for the home.  Our dream home needs some dream decor!  Everything you'll see below is from Target because let's face it, you can find absolutely everything you need there.  See what I've picked for our new home below:

Target Halloween
  1. Halloween Black Bottle Brush Trees
  2. Hanging Skeleton Frame
  3. Haunted Nesting Blocks
  4. Apothecary Jars
  5. Haunted Radio
  6. Fraidy Cat Paper Lantern String Lights 
Because we can't start off a post without mentioning the amazing Halloween decor goodies Target has this year!  They've really stepped up their game, offering all styles of decor that basically work year round (at least in my house).  Can you believe that radio is only twenty five dollars?!

Target Living Room
  1. Sweep Floor Lamp
  2. Starburst Washed Wood Mirrors
  3. Midcentury Modern TV Stand
  4. Faux Succulent Glass Terrarium
  5. Centennial Sofa
  6. Round Cone Leg Ottoman
All I've ever wanted is a gorgeous mid century living room.  I have an obsession with clean lines and this couch is just perfect.  I love small hints of decor, but I really like the furniture to do the talking in this room.

Target Dressing Room
  1. Ceramic Table Lamp
  2. Gold and Mirrored Drawers
  3. Decorative Ceramic Elephant
  4. Leather Floor Mirror
  5. Oversized Sunburst Mirror
  6. Tufted Velvet Chaise Settee
  7. Ceramic Jewelry Storage Tray
Why yes, I'm still going to have a dressing room in this house.  My dressing room is my safe haven, plus it's the only place in the home where I don't have to compromise my style!  Give me all the gold, mirrors, and tufted furniture!

Target Bedroom
  1. Embroidered Square Pillow
  2. Seville Velvet Bed
  3. Accent Table
  4. Velvet Accent Chair
  5. Gold Resin Table Decor
  6. Carved Wood Panel
The bedroom happens to be my favorite room, but it's also the most overlooked when it comes to decor.  Kevin and I love gray and yellow together, so I think it's natural to have that color scheme in our room.  I love small, bright pieces of furniture and this yellow nightstand is perfect!

Target Kid's Room
  1. Cat Head Wall Decor
  2. Southwestern Teepee
  3. Cactus Throw Pillow
  4. Column Table Lamp
  5. Faux Sheepskin Rug
Bianca's room is pretty much set, but her new room is much bigger.  I think it will be fun to bring in some new decor, something less on the "baby" side and more on the "little girl" level she's on.  Ever since I saw that teepee in store I knew Bianca had to have it!  And guess what?  Now we have the room for one :).

As you can tell, I'm super excited about the move.  Do you have any moving or decorating tips for me?  Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. Congratulations on the new house! So much fun for your husband that you will be across the street the street from his best friend. Kind of makes me think of Desperate Housewives but for the guys. ;) It sounds like it's going to be a great move. Also OMG that Halloween cat string lantern! LOVE!!!


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