Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Zombies Attack!

Folter Zombie Attack dress

I don't usually take outfit photos on "dirty hair days" but it's the best time to experiment with new hairstyles.  When I had bangs I loved to wear my hair down and curled.  To be honest, I think about chopping them almost every day.  I'm doing my best to grow them out, and much like any security blanket, I hid behind them.  Now that my bangs are long enough to style I'm trying new things.  I'm no hair expert but I'd like to add a few more styles to my routine.

Folter Zombie Attack dress

Folter Zombie Attack dress

Folter Zombie Attack dress

Folter Zombie Attack dress

Dress- Folter
Shoes- Sidecca
Ring- Betsey Johnson
Hair Flower- Forever 21
Lip color- Lime Crime

This isn't my first zombie printed dress and I'm guessing it won't be the last.  I find myself drawn to cutesy Halloween inspired fabrics but I have no idea why.  I don't really like anything relating to that holiday!  I only wear a costume every few years and I hate scary movies.  Candy would be it's only redeeming quality, other than the cute dresses that are inspired by it.

Unique Vintage in Burbank is having another huge event on Friday!  I'll be offering styling consults, but there will also be a photo booth, DJ, dessert bar, giveaways, trunk shows, and a very exciting announcement.  If you're in the Los Angeles area make sure to stop by between 7-9pm!



  1. I wish I lived closer!

    That patter is super cute and your hair looks AMAZING!!!


  2. Dammit, my comment got deleted. WELL you look adorable, and I haven't been drawn to this dress before (zombies kinda freak me out), but you make it look so cute! And your hair looks great (and not at all dirty). I'm so curious to know what this announcement is...

    xoxo Sammi

  3. This pattern is AMAZING and I LOVE your hair! ♥

  4. The first thing I was going to ask was what your lipcolor was, so thank you for including that in the post. I've never actually purchased anything from Lime Crime, but I always love the colors when I see them on other people. Maybe it's time to bite the bullet and pick some up.
    Love this dress, the print is so kitschy and fun. And I think your hair looks great! I don't know if you read By Gum By Golly, but she had a great bumper bang tutorial for people who already have bangs. Might be worth checking out, although your style already looks lovely.
    Zella Maybe

  5. Love the makeup, the dress, and the hair!! Wish I could pop by the event, but it's a few thousand miles too far x

  6. You look lovely once again! I love the polka dot details on the dress!

  7. Love that lipstick!


  8. That dress is super adorable and quirky!


  9. you look great! so slim and your hair is really pretty here too!
    ladies in navy

  10. Halloween is my favorite and I love cutesy Halloween-ish things, so this dress is right up my alley. I love the zombie print! You obviously don't need to be into Halloween to appreciate a cool and quirky print though. I think this dress looks awesome on you. I like its contrasting polka dot collar too. So perfect.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  11. I love the prints! it's very unique
    ugh I can't stand bangs either.. LOL
    I'd want them and then a month later "why did I get them??" and can't wait to grow it out again

    love the pretty hair piece too :)

    The Sweetest Escape 


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