Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Pretty Picnic

Lindy Bop Audrey dress in Red Gingham 003

I'm just going to say this now: Expect to see a lot of red dresses in the next few weeks!  I used to think red was a terrible color on me but I'm coming around.  Maybe it's because I'm feeling the holiday spirit?  I'm just happy to see more than a sea of blue in my closet!

I've always wanted a Lindy Bop Audrey dress and thanks to Amanda I now have one!  I had been eying this dress for a long time, it just so happened that Amanda was ready to let hers go.  I love that the fabric is lightweight and the skirt has lining.  Considering the great price, I think you get a lot for your money.  Now I want this dress in a few other prints...

Lindy Bop Audrey dress in Red Gingham 011

Lindy Bop Audrey dress in Red Gingham 017

Lindy Bop Audrey dress in Red Gingham 008

Lindy Bop Audrey dress in Red Gingham 031

Dress- Lindy Bop via Amanda
Cardigan- Forever 21(similar)
Petticoat- Unique Vintage (similar)
Shoes- Sidecca (exact)

Since a few people were interested, I'm going to go on a bit of a rant here.  I think it's funny when people point out when I wear something "different" (aka not something fifties inspired).  I feel like my style has broadened in the past year, mostly because I was getting the hang of styling my post baby body.  I was really insecure about my legs so longer skirts and dresses were an obvious choice.  Since these dresses fit into the mid century silhouette, a lot of people thought I was getting into the pinup lifestyle.  They couldn't be more wrong!

First off, I need to say that if you do fit into that lifestyle, more power to you!  I am in no way judging how you choose to live your life or dress your body.  It just doesn't fit right with my life.  I'd like to think that I can wear whatever the heck I want and not worry if I'm staying true to something other than myself.  If you don't know me in person, I'm very low maintenance.  I can't imagine taking more than 10-15 minutes on my hair or 20 minutes on my makeup.  I don't even style my hair everyday!  It seems like a lot of work that I just couldn't commit to because, well, I'm lazy!  You ladies with all the patience to make your hair and makeup flawless, I respect your commitment.  I wish I had a bit more of that.  But you know, that just isn't me.

Now that my body has returned to it's pre pregnancy shape, I'm feeling more confident and I'm breaking out some of those shorter dresses in the back of my closet.  If you've been following for years, you know that my style has gone through lots of changes.  I'd like to think my style is getting better with age.  I'm not in my twenties anymore so not all of my older clothes are appropriate (but you best believe I'll rock novelty prints until I'm dead).  So if you see an eclectic mix of styles, shapes, eras, etc from now on, know that it's just me being true to myself.  Plus, I think it makes me a little more interesting :).

Also, tomorrow is the last day to enter my Sourpuss Clothing dress giveaway!  If you haven't entered already, you can do so HERE!


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