Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Six Months

Half a year has already passed with this little bean?  It's been a wonderful six months and she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.  So what's new?  The biggest thing would be that she's now a crawler!  Well, she's done it a few times, and by that I mean she's gone far enough to play with the fireplace poker (I almost died).  Baby proofing is something we now have to consider.  I feel like everything is a potential hazard but I'm focusing mostly on the lower cabinets and the brick fireplace aka the skull cracker.

Bianca 014

She's been on solid foods since the fourth month but she doesn't really react well to it yet.  Mostly because she really loves breastfeeding but also because everything but cereal backs her up.  Sweet potato is her sworn enemy and avocado has now made its way on that list.  She has a doctor's appointment tomorrow so once we talk to him we will have a more clear idea on how to happily introduce more food.  I'm not that concerned because she really has been fattening up without a bunch of solids.  I also plan to breastfeed as long as I'm still producing and at this age most of her nutrients come from me anyway.  We will see what the future plan is though!

Bianca is definitely more vocal these days.  She loves to "sing".  I call it singing but I think she just loves the sounds that come out of her mouth.  It's almost always high pitched and she does it pretty much all day.  I can't even say I'm annoyed, I love her cute little voice!

Bianca 041

Tooth number five and six are currently coming in.  This girl never stops teething.  I guess it's a blessing that they're all coming in at once, but until they stop I'll be dealing with a cranky little girl.  She's a drooling machine and wants to bite down on everything, including me!  Our nights are still a little rough because of it, but she actually sleeps for longer intervals when she sleeps with my husband.  While we always go to sleep in the same room, I end up in one room while Kevin and Bianca are in another.  I look forward to the day when she sleeps soundly in her own crib...

Bianca 010

I really enjoy writing these updates every month and taking these pictures because she grows so fast before my eyes.  Pretty soon she'll be walking and talking (although I don't want to think about it) and I won't even remember what it was like to have such a small and cuddly little girl.

I just want to mention that she was not happy about taking her pictures this month so I didn't have many to choose from.  The proof is right here:

Bianca 061


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