Sunday, July 22, 2012

Instagram Roundup: Vegas Edition

Well, I'm still recovering from the drive back home from Vegas a few hours ago.  I've barely left my couch!  This weekend was filled with shopping, eating at raved restaurants, late night dinners, and clubbing (I actually danced for a few minutes!) in a city that truly operates 24/7.  I've been going to Las Vegas since I was a kid and I try to visit every couple of years.  Believe me, it will probably be another couple years before I even want to.  While my sleep schedule is totally off, it was a great trip.  Check out my pics from this weekend below :)

 On the way there
 Palazzo hotel lobby
 My first outfit in my suite bathroom
 More desert scenery
 Out and about with Anastasia
 Lunch with the crew and a visit with Lesley
 Fashion Show Mall on the strip... My favorite!
My outfit to club XS in the Encore hotel


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