Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Spring Witch

Cottage Core Forest Witch Dress
When you're excited about warm spring weather but you still want to keep to that witch aesthetic...  I feel like I have two very different but very strong loves: sweet and ethereal and dark and witchy.  I know most people like to stick with one but I constantly go back and forth.  You can literally see it in my closet!  I have a massive black dress area and a just as massive frilly, pastel section.  Since I'm in my 30's and pretty confident in my sense of style, I refuse to pigeon-hole myself and pick one.  So before I step off my soapbox, just know that you can dress any way you want and it doesn't matter if you mix and match styles.  Personal style is just that: personal!  Now onto this amazing outfit...

Cottage Core Forest Witch Dress

Cottage Core Forest Witch Dress

Cottage Core Forest Witch Dress

Cottage Core Forest Witch Dress
Dress- Amazon
Shoes- Diego's

My BFF Sammi of The Soubrette Brunette sent me a link to this dress because she has an orange-hued version and I was totally smitten.  This dress is from Amazon, which I normally would not advocate for but couldn't resist.  I actually have the Free People original in sky blue, which is obviously much better in quality but is no longer sold online.  This dress was $30 and honestly, a great deal for such a pretty dress.  It comes in my different colors and is available in sizes XS-XL.  I find the sizing pretty generous because the entire bodice has elastic shirring, so if you're not super busty you could easily size down.  While it doesn't have pockets (boo), it's made from a very light cotton, has en empire waist and is fully lined.  I love that I can just throw this on and go about my day!  After over a year at home, I've realized I'm much more happy when I'm comfortable and not when my waist is snatched into oblivion.

This dress is now my spring witch dress because who am I if I'm not trying to live my life as the witch in Hansel and Gretel or (my favorite) the Baba Yaga?  I'm trying to resist getting it in another color but we'll see if I can control those impulses...



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