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Sister Jane Topsy Regina Dress

The end of this decade is winding down and I'm just kind of overwhelmed by the whole thing!  This year in particular was one of really high highs but also a year that passed me by so quickly I feel like I didn't fully get to enjoy it.  My blogging has definitely taken a back seat and I've been posting here less.  Not because I don't love it, I just have a normal job and a family now, which takes up so much more of my time (compared to when I started nine years ago).  For example, these pictures were taken in April and I have just now had the time to post them.  In the last year or two I've opened my style outside the "vintage" bubble and explored other silhouettes/brands.  One of my favorites is Sister Jane.  This UK brand is very Marie Antoinette for the modern woman and I am all over it!

Sister Jane Topsy Regina Dress

Sister Jane Topsy Regina Dress

Sister Jane Topsy Regina Dress

Sister Jane Topsy Regina Dress
Dress- Sister Jane
Shoes- Target
Lips- c/o Julie Hewett in Biba

This Topsy Regina dress is a bib dress with a parachute style bodice.  Made from light chiffon and fully lined, this dress features long sleeves with stiff contrast cuffs, an attached pink tie at the neckline, and an above the knee length skirt.  As someone who was constrained to shape wear and tight fitting clothing for years, wearing something that allows you to be as you are is so freeing!  This dress has so much style that I didn't even think about accessorizing it at all.  Just throw it on and you're ready to go!  Unfortunately, this dress is no longer available but they consistently offer similar silhouettes and release many collections every year.  My only gripe is that they don't make sizes beyond an XL.  I'm hoping they expand their range to plus sizes in the near future.

I have no idea what 2020 will bring me but I'm hoping I can carve out a little more time for my blog.  I love it as much as I did when I started so the passion is still there... I just need to find the time!  What are you looking forward to in the new year?  Let me know in the comments!



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  1. Lovely dress and how great that you feel it is more freeing!

    I've loved reading your blog. I also have a 'normal' job so I have to set some time aside to to write a blog post. I'm looking forward to continuing my blog next year and enjoying the holidays. X


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