Monday, June 3, 2019

Sesame Street

Can I just say how excited I am about this Erstwilder launch?  I feel like they've had the best collaborations this year and this Sesame Street collection is probably my new favorite!  Consisting of thirteen pieces (and one gift with purchase item, but we'll get to that later), this range has one statement necklace, three sets of earrings, and nine brooches.  Check out my favorites from this range below!

Cookie Monster
Sesame Street

Erstwilder Cookie Monster Brooch
Brooch- c/o Erstwilder
Top- J. Crew
Lipstick- c/o Besame Cosmetics in Chocolate Rose

I love this double brooch set!  You really can't have a Cookie Monster without a cookie so I'm glad these come together.  Cookie Monster also happens to be Bianca's favorite Sesame Street character, so I have a feeling this one won't be mine for long!

Yip Yip Earrings
Sesame Street

Erstwilder Yip Yip Earrings
Earrings- c/o Erstwilder
Top- vintage
Lipstick- c/o Besame Cosmetics in Chocolate Rose

Cookie Monster might be Bianca's favorite, but the Martians have always been mine!  I actually squealed when I saw them and I'm so happy Erstwilder included them in their range!  These are actually my very first set of Erstwilder earrings.  They're super light and don't irritate my sensitive ears.  I feel like these Yip Yips are going to add the perfect touch to all of my outfits this summer!

Oscar the Grouch
Sesame Street

Erstwilder Oscar the Grouch Brooch
Brooch- c/o Erstwilder
Top- Unique Vintage
Lipstick- c/o Besame Cosmetics in Chocolate Rose

Who doesn't love Oscar?  He's such a great character and an even better brooch!  I love the marbled resin of his home (aka the trash can) and he's a great size.  You can see him from afar but he's not annoyingly large.

Sesame Street Sign
Sesame Street

Erstwilder Sesame Street Sign Broch

Well, you can't actually purchase this brooch but you will get one with three of your Sesame Street purchases on Erstwiler's website!  I adore this classic street sign and I think it's the perfect piece to "double brooch" with your other Sesame Street pieces.  The offer will only apply until supplies last (and if I'm correct, I don't think this collection will stick around for long).  Make sure you hop on over to the Erstwilder site to see the rest of the collection and shop your favorites now!



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