Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Paisley Raye Hydrangea Pants Southern California Belle

As much as I'd like to get dolled up right now, it's just way too hot!  This season has been all about light, functional, yet stylish outfits.  As a fan of Paisley Raye, I'm always excited about their fabrics.  They work so well with warm weather and the prints are super cute.  They've recently released the Hydrangea: a super comfy but cute-without-trying wide leg pant.  I'm super excited to share this women-owned small business and talk about these awesome pants!

Paisley Raye Hydrangea Pants Southern California Belle

Paisley Raye Hydrangea Pants Southern California Belle

Paisley Raye Hydrangea Pants Southern California Belle

Paisley Raye Hydrangea Pants Southern California Belle

Top- Forever 21 (old)
Pants- c/o Paisley Raye
Shoes- Restricted Shoes
Lipstick- c/o Besame Cosmetics Debutante Sheer Lipstick in Chocolate Kiss

The Hydrangea pant features a pebble crepe-like fabric, paper bag gathered waist with elastic waistband, matching self-tie belt with belt loops and a wide leg.  I'm wearing my usual size in all Paisley Raye garments: size small.  Since these pants do have an elastic waistband, they're super comfy to wear and (more importantly) eat in.  I love the olive green color with cream polka dots, it really compliments my vintage-inspired style without having to put the tireless effort into my look.  They also come in other colors and styles, I'm dying to get my hands on the floral version!  Paisley Raye garments are made right here in the USA, are incredibly cost effective for the quality and style, and buying from them supports a small women-owned business.  Who could ask for more?

I've been hiding in the comfort of my own air-conditioned home for what feels like almost a week now.  As much as I want to get out, explore, shoot outfits...  I immediately turn around and walk right back into the house.  I just became a member of a local botanical garden and I want nothing more than to take Bianca and visit.  Unfortunately, these triple digit temperatures have other plans.  What kind of activities do you (and if you have kids) engage in when you're confined indoors?  I would love some new ideas, I'm literally going out of my mind!  Let me know in the comments below :).




  1. I love your trousers - they really suit you and I expect they are really comfy.

    I have been wearing trousers far more than I usually do this summer as I have found some in cotton fabric which are really easy to wear in the warm temperatures

    1. Thank you, they're ridiculously comfy! I'm the same way, I feel like I've been living in rompers, jumpsuits, and trousers!


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