Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Miss Candyfloss Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress

If you've never taken the plunge with Miss Candyfloss, I highly recommend doing so!  While I've made some separates purchases in the past, this is actually my very first Miss Candyfloss dress.  The Rufina dress is fitted in all the right places, delectably vintage looking, and light as air (perfect for spring/summer).  I feel like this is a start to a new obsession!

Miss Candyfloss Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress

Miss Candyfloss Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress

Charlie Stone Shoes Bellagio in Blush

Miss Candyfloss Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress

Miss Candyfloss Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress

Dress- c/o Miss Candyfloss
Shoes- c/o Charlie Stone Shoes
Lipstick- c/o Vinyl Cosmetics x Southern California Belle Lipstick in Hell's Belle

While it's hard to show in pictures, the Rufina dress is actually a rose print corduroy fabric.  It's a "baby cord" so it's very fine and not a thick fabric at all.  The Rufina style features their signature pleated bust, full skirt with a border hem, matching grommet belt, and a side zippered closure.  I'm wearing my usual Miss Candyfloss size (XS) and it was definitely the right choice.  I paired this dress with my new Charlie Stone Bellagio shoes.  These genuine leather flats are ridiculously comfortable, thanks to the cushioned insole.  I wore these all day and my feet were super happy!  I've been nursing a foot injury this past week so I'm extra thankful that I have supportive shoes that look pretty too.  They also come in black and tan and I feel like I'll be ordering them asap!

I've been trying to grow out my bangs these past few weeks.  When my dog Rocco died a few months ago I impulsively cut them.  While I enjoy wearing bangs, I feel like it was a huge mistake!  The grow-out process is the worst and finding ways to wear them during this transition is aggravating.  While I'm not really a "hair roll" kind of person, this is one of the best ways to get my hair out of my face!  If you've ever grown out bangs, what was your favorite way to wear them?  I'd love to get some new ideas!



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