Friday, March 23, 2018

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

Spring is here and I'm finally ready to dress the part!  I can't help but fall hard for pretty colors, fun prints, and whimsical styles for the new season.  I've dwindled down my favorites for the season (seriously, I legit had to edit my list many times) and I hope you love them as much as I do!

Miss Candyfloss
Miss Candyfloss
  1. Rufina Sleeveless Swing Dress
  2. Antonella Minty Canvas Swing Coat
  3. Valery Lee Pleated Denim Shorts
  4. Margita Sun Cross Back Swing Dress
Can we talk about how amazing the Miss Candyfloss spring collection is?  I'm not going to lie, I already own the Rufina dress (blog post coming soon!) and I'm dying to add more to my closet.  I'm really loving those Valery Lee pleated denim jumper too.  I own a similar piece from last year's spring line and I need this new jumper version!

Vintage Inspired by Jackie
  1. Guitar Border Print Bound Swing Dress
  2. Snow White Bed Sheet Dress
  3. Hitchhiking Ghosts Ruched Bust Swing Dress
  4. Guardians of the Galaxy Shirtwaist Dress
Whether you want to Disneybound as your favorite character, look like the prettiest princess in the park, or just have the best Disney-inspired outfit; Vintage Inspired by Jackie has something for everyone!  I have a closet full (and I mean full) of her designs and I honestly don't see an end to this habit.  She makes all my pieces to my measurements and they're made with the highest quality.  So many imitate but nobody can compare to Jackie!  Bianca is loving the Hitchhiking Ghosts dress so I feel like I'm going to include that in my next order.  No shame over here!

Hello Crumpet
  1. Pity The Fool Shakespeare Inspired Jester's Hat Acrylic Brooch
  2. Naughtymelon Watermelon Kawaii Glitter Acrylic Brooch
  3. Anatomical Heart Glitter Acrylic Heart Brooch
  4. Custom Titles and Colors Book Stack Brooch
If you've never heard of Hello Crumpet, be prepared to become obsessed!  Claire is such a talented artist and her brooches are to die for!  If you a bibliophile, you can get a personalized stack of books to match your favorites.  Seriously, how cool is that?  She also has some fun Harry Potter-inspired brooches too.  Basically, there's something for everyone.

Free People
  1. Nile River Set
  2. One Lissa Maxi Set
  3. New Wave Set
  4. You and Me Set
I've recently been shopping with Free People for two things: their amazing bow barrettes and their matching sets!  I already have the Nile River set and I love it to pieces and I am dying to get my hands on that One Lissa beauty.  Sometimes matching your separates can be time consuming (which is why I love dresses so much) so I love their vast section of adorable sets.  Plus, the mix and match options are endless!

The Storybook Rabbit
  1. Red and Gold Rose Brooch
  2. Lop Rosette Bunny Black Pearl with Pink Fairy Dust Rose
  3. Rex Rosette Bunny Pale Blue Fairy Dust with Pale Pink Pearlescent Rose
  4. Shy Bunny Brooch
Have you ever seen such cute, girly brooches?!  The Storybook Rabbit truly has my heart and I love how they keep most runs of their brooches limited.  I've been wanting a Shy Bunny forever but I have yet to pull the trigger!  They also do custom work so if you have a particular idea, you should contact them for the brooch of your dreams!

Trashy Diva Diva Holiday
  1. Trixie Top
  2. Alexa Tie Top
  3. 1940's Skirt
  4. High Waist Shorts
Trashy Diva's new Diva Holiday collection is so dreamy, I can't get enough of it!  I already purchased the Hollywood Long dress in this collection but I'm itching for more!  I'm forever regretting not purchasing those shorts when I was in New Orleans earlier this month, especially since they're now out of stock in my size.  Keeping my fingers crossed that I'll get another chance or someone returns them so I can snag them up!

What are you looking forward to wearing this spring season?  Let me know in the comments below!



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