Monday, November 14, 2016

Repro Roundup: Bernie Dexter

My first introduction to the world of reproduction vintage clothing was with Bernie Dexter.  At the time, I curated a massive true vintage closet but had the constant fear of wearing my pretties out and ruining them.  Vintage was getting expensive (especially if you live in a large city like Los Angeles) and I wanted to get more bang for my buck.  Bernie Dexter really spoke to my sense of style because the cuts of her dresses really flattered my frame, she offered a wide range of cute and romantic prints, and her clothing was made here in the USA.  I've been one of her biggest fans for several years and my love has stayed true!  Here's a roundup of some of my favorite Bernie Dexter pieces and some fun facts about her brand:

Bernie Dexter Chelsea Dress in Book Print
Open Book

Bernie Dexter is a pinup model turned fashion designer.  Much like most ladies who turn to reproduction vintage styles, she was looking for alternatives to wearing true vintage.  She offers her wide range of styles in sizes XS-4X.

Bernie Dexter Paris Pinup dress in Fox print 027
Like A Fox

All of Bernie's dresses are made from 100% quilting cotton.  It's a breathable but sturdy cotton that holds its integrity over the years.  Almost all of her swing skirt styles come complete with side pockets too!

Bernie Dexter 1950s Green Gingham Kelly Cap Sleeve Swing Dress
A few of her newer styles (Kelly, Lauren, Nicole) have zip front features.  This means you can wear a shirtwaist dress without worrying about button gaping.  I'm not the bustiest person, but I've always had problems with wearing anything with a button front.  Without a doubt, this is one of the biggest reasons why I keep buying these styles!


Bernie also offers holiday inspired prints.  One of my favorite dresses is her Winter Wonderland Jubilee dress (seen above) and it's available in a few different styles.  I just happen to own three... Oops!  She also has a New Year's Eve print and has offered a 4th of July inspired print as well.  I can't wait to see what she has in store for 2017!

Bernie Dexter Rose Pin Up dress in red dog print 004
Three Roses
Bernie's dresses are great for everyday wear.  I wore them when Bianca was a newborn, I wear them to work, and they're even great for date night!  While I choose to dry clean my Bernie dresses, I know many ladies who either hand wash or machine wash on delicate cycles, and hang dry their dresses without incident.

Bernie Dexter Saturday Night Dress in Blue & Pink Blossom 001
Nothing Like A Saturday Night

Inspired by dresses of the mid-century era, Bernie's classic styles give you that perfect pinup/rockabilly look for the modern woman.  She also offers skirts, a line of denim, tops, matching men's clothing, and outerwear too.  I'm dying to own her new Kitten jacket... It's seriously cute!

Bernie Dexter Paris dress in BBQ print
Mine This Time

Bernie's website always has the largest selection of her dresses, but you can also find exclusive styles at Unique Vintage.  Her line can also be found at Pinup Girl Clothing, Retro Glam, That Shop, and if you're on a budget, you can find a select amount of styles for a discounted price on Zulily!

Bernie Dexter Belle Dress in Floral Bouquet Modcloth Hide in the Hydrangeas
Hide In The Hydrangeas

Because I've been wearing Bernie Dexter dresses for years, you can find the entire archive of my closet HERE.  Have any questions about certain styles or fit?  Do you have a Bernie Dexter collecion of your own?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Every retro gal has GOT to have a Bernie collection - seeing yours has made me want to go and count mine. I don't know how many I've collected over the years now from eBay, her site, or the BST groups on Facebook but I bet it's more than I think!! ;)

    1. Right?! I had to narrow mine down to these, but my Bernie collection is MUCH bigger. I will always be a fan of hers!

  2. What a nice collection! Unfortunately Bernie dresses are way too short for me so I don't have any. I also think they are a little overpriced because there's no lining and the fabrics she uses aren't usually expensive. Anyway those front zippers are great and I wouldn't mind having dresses like that myself!

  3. What a great round up of Bernie Dexter dresses. That book print dress is my favorite. It is forever the one that got away for me!


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