Wednesday, November 2, 2016

How To Tie A Hair Scarf

Having perfectly styled vintage hair everyday is seriously impossible.  Taking shortcuts when I can is pretty much my way of life since I became a mom.  I love wearing hair scarves because it gives the illusion of putting effort into my hair when I really didn't.  There are lots of ways to incorporate a hair scarf into your vintage look, but my favorite is wearing it as a hair bow.  While this may sound easy, I get asked how I tie my hair scarf like this quite frequently.  I decided to do a quick and easy tutorial for your viewing pleasure!

How to tie a hair scarf

What you'll need:
I'm pretty particular with my hair scarves.  They need to be square and at least 26" x 26" to look right.  To get the right shape, fold the scarf in half to make a triangle.  Then take the middle point and fold it in half, towards the opposite side.  This will create a thick headband shape, but if you prefer something smaller, fold it in half one more time.  We're now ready to tie it on!

How to tie a hair scarf

I take two long duckbill clips to clip the front portion of my hair away from my face.  This isn't necessary, but it makes it much easier.  I'll then take my folded scarf around my neck and tie it at the top of my head.  For added stability, I like to double knot my scarf before I tie the bow portion.  Because I have bangs, I like the bow to hit at the line between my bangs and the rest of my hair.

How to tie a hair scarf

I'll then tie a bow, just like I would tie my shoes.  This will leave two "tails".  Some people like to keep them visible, but I'll either tuck them into my bow or into the headband portion.  Whatever looks cleaner!

How to tie a hair scarf

I happen to have thin fine hair, so I need to use bobby pins to keep the headscarf in place.  I'll use two on each side, going in opposite directions, and crossed like an "X".  I swear this is the best way to keep it in place, it never moves!

And there you have it!  Have any questions for me?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. Wonderful tutorial! Headscarves always get me waves of compliments for minimal effort!

  2. Thank you for the tutorial. It seems simple enough but I can never get it right. I will have to try it again with your tips! :)


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