Friday, August 28, 2015

Heart In A Cage

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

I can't sing enough praise for the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches collection from Pinup Girl Clothing.  There were a few pieces I couldn't wait to add to my closet and then there was this Junebugs dress.  While I love a great novelty print, the collar kind of scared me.  While visiting the boutique with Sammi last week I decided to try it on for fun.  It may not have come home with me that day, but I couldn't stop thinking about it.  And as you can see, it's now a part of my dress collection.  I even got a sweet compliment from my husband when I wore it!  I guess collars aren't so bad after all...

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Junebugs Dress in Birdcage Print in Blue

Dress- Pinup Girl Clothing
Shoes- Pinup Girl Clothing
Cardigan- Modcloth
Brooch- c/o Erstwilder
Bracelet- c/o Touchstone Crystal via Swarovski
Earrings- Betsey Johnson

With the exception of the Dee Dee dress, I would say I'm an XS in the Junebugs and Georgia Peaches collection.  I tend to be between sizes, especially if it's a wiggle dress, but I can comfortably size down in this dress.  I love that it's very fitted in the bodice but in no way uncomfortable.  The zipper in the back is long so you can actually step into this dress, which is a major plus in my opinion.  The skirt is full and structured and doesn't need a petticoat or underskirt.  I wear an underskirt almost daily and I opted to go without one for this outfit.  Plus, there are pockets, very large functional ones!

If you haven't yet heard, you can now purchase your Erstwilder brooches directly on their site!  With over 300 designs, their website is now a one stop shop.   This Guitar Hero brooch is one of my newest additions and I love it so much.  The pink is so vibrant and works perfectly with this dress.  Make sure to check out their new website and new Vintage & Rockabilly collection.  It's my favorite!




  1. I'm so glad you ended up getting this dress!! The collar really does work perfectly for brooches. Missing you alreadyyyy <3

    xox Sammi

  2. You look stunning Ashley, as always!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    With love,
    Suzy ♥


  3. I love the print of your dress.

    Diary of Elegance

  4. Love the pattern and it's a perfect fit on you!


  5. You look great- I can't believe your not wearing an underskirt it's so full!!

  6. That dress is absolutely gorgeous - the color is especially lovely!


  7. I love the way this seems to fit. A lot of dresses seem to not have a nice fit look or are too uncomfortable looking but this one is gorgeous and comfy looking and I like the cut of it all!


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