Friday, January 17, 2014

What's on My Radar: Current Loves

Since I'm now officially a mom and not carrying a watermelon in my belly, shopping seems so much more appealing these days.  While I may not have the time or the energy at the moment, I still like to take a minute or two to see what I can add to my ever growing wish list :)  Here are my picks this month!


Words cannot express how much I love the Luck Be A Lady dress.  I already own one in a horse print so why not add a bird print to the collection?  I love blue for every season so I really can see myself wearing this in both summer and winter.


I've always been a fit and flare kind of girl but lately I've been completely obsessed with smock dresses!  I already purchased a different smock dress from Emerging Thoughts (which I can't wait to show you) and I'm anxious to get some more.  I love this deep blue velvet and that sequined collar is detachable!  Just get in my closet right now.

Seriously, how cute is this clutch?  I love the fun print and the inside is lined with a cute houndstooth print.  I don't know why that even matters, but I somehow get excited when the lining of a purse or jacket is really cute.

Ruche Speckled Sweater

In terms of cable knit sweaters, this is probably the cutest one I've ever seen.  The addition of the lace on the hem is just perfect.  I could see myself wearing this with some cute black skinny jeans (seriously, I'd wear pants for this sweater) and my panda flats :)


I've been dying to own a Bernie Dexter dress.  I love the vintage inspired cuts and the prints are just as interesting!  I'm particularly fond of the shoulder detail on this floral print dress.  It's just so unique.


These flats are just the prettiest things!  Since I don't have much use for heels these days I've definitely looked into different kinds of shoes.  Just because you're lacking a heel doesn't mean you can't find some gorgeous flats.  I think the lace detail is so pretty and feminine.

What's on your list this month?


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