Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Growing Fonder


I think it's funny that I chose a smock dress as the first "post pregnancy" outfit for my blog.  I am, by no means, embarrassed with my body at the moment.  While I'm still a flabby mess (it's only been two weeks), I've already gone down to my pre baby size 4.  Once I'm cleared to start working out I think I'll be back to my old self in no time.  But like I stated in a post not too long ago, I'm absolutely obsessed with smock dresses lately.  I love that they look so fancy without compromising any comfort.  I have a feeling I'll be adding a few more to my closet this season...





Dress- The WhitePepper via Emerging Thoughts
Tights- Forever 21
Shoes- Forever 21
Necklace- Urban OG

Mommyhood so far has been wonderful.  Bianca is a dream baby!  She lets us sleep pretty much all night (I'm the one waking her for feedings) and is a happy camper during the day.  Although I'm a little worried today because after two weeks together, Kevin is finally going back to work.  Whether it was helping me with a diaper change, cleaning the house, or getting me a glass of water during a feeding, my husband has been an enormous help.  It's hard to imagine how I'm going to do this all alone today so wish me luck!




  1. This is a great dress, super easy to throw on and accessorize!! Those polka dot tights are perfect with it.
    I'm glad to hear B is such a great little lady :)

  2. Good luck on your own today, but I'm sure it will go great! You look so cute and I love those little bow flats!

  3. Looking fabulous! It is amazing she is so good through the night.


  4. You look so adorable :) Your dress is such a perfect shade of pink.

  5. That dress is so cute and it really is the perfect shade of pink for you! Good luck, I'm sure you'll do just find on your own!

  6. Hope the first day solo goes well. I'm not normally a smock fan, but you look adorable!

  7. I too have been basically only craving smock/ babydoll dresses lately, and I don't even think its related to the fact I've been packing on the winter pounds haha! They're just so cute and comfortable, this one will be great for valentines day too :)

    xo Hannah

  8. Lovely dress, it has a perfect color! Goes great with the dotted tights too!

    I'm sure you will do great alone too! :)

  9. You're looking gorgeous!! Happy baby-care to you!!

  10. Luck with the coming week and congrats on being down in size so fast! Glad to hear everything is going so well. I love this dress on you. The cut is so girly and cute. Perfect for ya! :)

    xo Ashley

  11. You look fantastic, two weeks post pregnancy or not!!

    I'm so happy to hear things are going well :)
    xoxo Jackie
    Something About Thing

  12. Aw I'm so glad she's sleeping well and you're getting enough rest! You look amazing! This smock dress is super on trend and such a cute color. And huzzah for going back to your pre-baby clothing size! You'll bounce back in no time!

  13. you are still glowing! you look great after only two weeks!!

  14. you're still looked amazing!! your dress is so cute..

    xo josephine

  15. What an adorable dress, I love the colour on you and the tights are also very pretty!

    Have a great weekend,

  16. You are so beautiful!! I love that color on you.

    B does sound like a dream baby! Good luck to your alone days :)

  17. Ooh, I LOVE the smock dress on you! I especially love it with the polka dot tights. I so wish I could afford everything from Emerging Thoughts. And I'm so happy you're loving mommyhood! I'm still just over the moon happy for you :)

  18. Gorgeous dress miss :) So glad to hear everything is going well. I'm sure you'll be fine! X

  19. aww hope your day went smoothly w/out Kevin! that's wonderful he's been such great help, and esp that he could spend such good quality time w/ you and Bianca right now. and i'm not sure if i asked before, but are you planning on staying home w/ her for a while or returning to work soon? and ah, that color on you, so pretty!!


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