Saturday, April 28, 2012

Mint and Feathers

Everything (except the bow ring)- Forever 21
Bow ring- Betsey Johnson
Lipstick- NARS in Barbarella

I guess this is my way of bragging about my inexpensive yet super cute outfit.  Nothing here cost more than 40 dollars and I'm proud of it!  While I love the designer brands, I'm not financially able to support such a collection.  I can own cute trends and not feel guilty about a huge hole in my bank account.

This is also my first mint colored item in my closet.  I know I'm late on the trend, but I'm pretty sure it will last throughout Spring :)



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  1. gorgeous skirt love the arms on the blouse too so pretty great pictures

  2. Bonjour Ashley, Vous êtes ravissante dans cette tenue.

  3. This skirt is so cute and the top is perfectly designed. I love all the colors and accessories! They all look way above and beyond what F21 usually sells. You lucked out and yeah, who doesn't love designer items?! I just don't know how people justify them. Maybe one day..

  4. Such a pretty outfit! That blouse looks great with the skirt, and love the clutch :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. Your rings are super cute and the mint is lovely. Expensive stuff is absolutely not essential to looking amazing!
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  6. To answer your question, yes I have mailed pieces to other bloggers in different states! It's quite fun, if you're ever interested, let me know!

  7. this is such a sweet feeling outfit :) So ironic, i just did a shoot with my first mint coloured item, i am seriously in love with the colour!!! the shirt is cute, I love the draped sleeves :)

    XO Kristine

  8. Love the print of that skirt dear!

    xo Jennifer

  9. You are really so pretty and you have so beautiful eyes :))

    Kisses :xD


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