Thursday, October 11, 2018

Pumpkin Spice

Paisley Raye Violet Top in Black and White Stripe Bloom Skirt in Spice

When the leaves start turning (in pretty much every city but mine) my color palette starts shifting to warmer hues.  I've been shifting my style a bit too (more on that below) and one of my favorite woman-owned businesses, Paisley Raye, has been filling in all the holes in my wardrobe.  This Bloom skirt is simple and easy to wear and practical, plus this new spice color way is perfect for the season.  I've only had it a few days and I've already worn it several times.  Sorry not sorry, I'm in love!

Paisley Raye Violet Top in Black and White Stripe Bloom Skirt in Spice

Paisley Raye Violet Top in Black and White Stripe Bloom Skirt in Spice

Paisley Raye Violet Top in Black and White Stripe Bloom Skirt in Spice

Paisley Raye Violet Top in Black and White Stripe Bloom Skirt in Spice

Top- c/o Paisley Raye
Skirt- c/o Paisley Raye
Shoes- Lotta From Stockholm c/o Top Vintage
Brooch- Kirbee Lawler
Hair bow- Free People
Lipstick- c/o Urban Decay Born To Run Vice Lipstick in Ready

The Bloom skirt is made from a soft, stretch material and features a 2-inch waistband and hidden side pockets.  The waistband is elastic but doesn't "bunch" so it looks really clean.  There aren't any zippers or buttons, you just slip it on and go!  I'm wearing a size small, which is my usual size in all Paisley Raye clothing.  I found it to be true to size and it was easy to put on, considering I have very large hips.  All of Paisley Raye clothing is made right here in the USA (including this amazing Violet top I'm wearing!) and super affordable.  I can't wait to add more of their goodies to my closet!

As I mentioned above, I've been shifting away from the super pinup/retro looks lately.  While this doesn't mean I've given it all up completely, I find myself reaching for more casual but cute options.  And let's be real: I don't want to wear a bra with uncomfortable boning, a huge hot petticoat, and set my hair in painful rollers every night.  Unfortunately, the vintage "scene" has an ugly side with made-up rules abut how one should look and it's just stupid.  Fashion and personal style is all about how it makes you feel, not how others perceive you.  Maybe it's because I'm older, maybe it's because I've stopped caring how others see me, but I've dedicated my style to the person who matters most: me.  So from time to time you'll see me in something that doesn't accentuate some ridiculous hourglass shape because I chose not to wear shape wear (like I did here today) or maybe I'll even wear pants!  Then I might then choose to wear something super retro in my next post.  Honestly, it's all about being my authentic self and I hope you'll stick around for this transition.  There is one thing I won't change: I'm still dedicated to featuring small, woman-owned, and POC-owned businesses.  Luckily, there are tons of amazing shops out there, regardless of where my style takes me!



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  1. I love this skirt! It looks super comfy. I wish this red color was in stock!

    Also, we both know our styles have changed a LOT over the course of blogging. I think sometimes people feel the need to apologize for not fitting in a very specific box. And I think some readers do have expectations of exactly what they want to see from a specific blogger or influencer. But the thing about fashion itself is that it's always evolving -- and so are we. Our needs and preferences change a lot over time, and what once suited your lifestyle just fine simply isn't practical or even desirable anymore. There's nothing wrong with that and I'm glad you see that you don't have to apologize for liking what you like and wearing what makes you feel good, rather than trying to conform to some weird expectations we think other people have of us. <3


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