Friday, December 16, 2016

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

I can't get my mind off of two lingering things: gifts for my friends and family and holiday party wear for myself.  Because they're equally important, I've included some picks in both categories for this month's post.  Find a great outfit and/or a great gift for a loved one below!

Mischief Made Me
  1. Bottomes up!
  2. Cherry Hula
  3. Bubble Babies
  4. Buzz Buggy
  5. Biker Girl
  6. Martini Time
  7. Queen of the Jungle
  8. Penguins
Mischief Made Me has been a not-so-guilty pleasure of mine for quite some time.  I love their vintage inspired designs and the quality of the cotton is top notch!  That Bottomes Up shirt is definitely my next purchase... It might just be sitting in my cart right now!

Trashy Diva
  1. Lizzie Dress
  2. Candice Gwinn Hollywood Wrap
  3. Candice Gwinn 1940's Long Robe
  4. 40's Button Blouse
  5. Candice Gwinn Grace Coat Dress
Did anyone else completely swoon over Trashy Diva's Velvet collection?!  The long robe is my favorite piece without a doubt.  I'm also a huge fan of their entire outerwear section.  They have so many different kinds of pieces to complete your holiday look.  Whether you're looking for a wrap, cutaway overcoat, or full on coat; they have you covered!

Color Theory Shop
Color Theory Shop
  1. Alien Girl
  2. Black Cat
  3. Disco Boot
  4. Award Ribbon
  5. Rainbow Heart Eye
  6. Pastel Pink Palm Tree
Lisa, the lovely lady behind Color Theory Shop, is a pastel princess and her shop surely reflects it.  I love her taste in enamel pins.  They're simple yet eye-catching and always adorable.  They're the perfect stocking stuffer!

Bait Footwear
  1. From the Same Cloth Boot in Noir
  2. Shimmer On High Heel
  3. Paris, Prance Heel in Or
  4. Who Hearted Flat
  5. Panache From the Past Heel
  6. Bowed and Boating Heel in Noir
Modcloth, without a doubt, has the best selection of shoes.  This month I've picked my favorites from Bait Footwear.  Bait has a ton of great styles that coordinate perfectly with my vintage/vintage inspired wardrobe.  Plus, you can get them at a great price!  Everything is 40% off with code HAULIDAY!

Trixie Delicious
Trixie Delicious
  1. Love Bites Hand Painted China Plates
  2. Recycled Skull Vases
  3. Alligator Wine Coffee Pot
  4. Creep Loser Hand Painted Dinner Plates
Trixie Delicious has the greatest gifts on the planet for that BFF with a sense of humor.  While I've picked the PG-13 items for this post, there are tons of fun and even vulgar dishware for a truly unique gift.  Everything is so beautifully hand painted, you almost won't notice what's written on there!

What are you favorite online shops for last minute holiday shopping?  If you feel like sharing, let me know in the comments below!



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