Friday, October 14, 2016

What's On My Radar: Current Loves

Halloween is just around the corner, which means there are tons of goodies for the taking!  My spooky wardrobe gets play all year around, so I'm like a kid in a weird online candy store when fall approaches.  Here are just a few of the things I've been eyeing this month:

Stephanie Buscema
  1. Halloween Lanterns Zippered Pouch
  2. Masked Jack Mini Makeup Mirror
  3. Mallory Bones Giclée Print
  4. Anita Web Giclée Print
  5. Halloween Party Enamel Pin Set
  6. Black Cat Lantern Mini Makeup Mirror
Need some accessories to match your Pinup Girl Clothing Lantern Print pieces?  How about spooky/adorable artwork for your home?  Stephanie has you covered!  I'm obsessed with her lantern print but she has tons of cute prints to choose from.  I've been dying to get some of her art for my new dressing room (I actually have Anita Web as my phone's screensaver) and I think that day is today!

Pinup Girl Clothing Halloween
  1. Peasant Top in Lantern Print
  2. Zooey Dress in Pumpkin Border Print
  3. Jenny Dress in Lantern Print
  4. Petite Jenny Skirt in Pumpkin Border Print
  5. High-Waisted Pencil Skirt in Lantern Print
Pinup Girl Clothing's Halloween collection is on fire this year!  Unfortunately, some of these beauties sold out faster than I could post them.  I had to include them anyway, plus there might be an exchange/return in your size.  Make sure to sign up for the wait list if you're interested!  These are a couple of Stephanie's prints, but PUG also has a Victorian Stripe, Spiderweb (in two color ways), and a Halloween Harlequin.

Clairey Lou Creations
Clairey Lou Creations
  1. Halloween Ghost Plush
  2. Monster Pin
  3. Candy Corn Enamel Pin
  4. Jack O Lantern Pin
  5. Pumpkin Pie Pin
 I absolutely love handmade accessories and these just happen to be the cutest!  Clairey Lou Creations has everything from creepy to kawaii, and you can't argue with her prices!  The pumpkin pie pin is so mine...

1138 Clothing
  1. Happy Pumpkin Circle Skirt
  2. Friendly Monsters Circle Skirt
  3. Spooky Filigree Circle Skirt
  4. Movie Monsters Circle Skirt
My girl Linda is amazing!  Owner of 1138 Clothing, she not only stocks adorable spooky skirts, but everything for the "nerdy" girl at heart.  She also takes custom orders so if you don't see something you need, she can surely make it happen.

Wood Printz
  1. Frankenstein Wooden Movie Poster
  2. Nosferatu Wooden Movie Poster
  3. Dracula's Daughter Wooden Movie Poster
  4. Dr. Caligar Wooden Movie Poster
  5. Alfred Hitchcock Wooden Movie Poster
  6. Mummy Wooden Movie Poster
  7. Tarantula Wooden Movie Poster
  8. Night of the Living Dead Wooden Movie Poster
New house = new decor.  I love these vintage movie posters printed on wood!  It gives it a rustic look and it feels a lot more "adult" than hanging posters on your wall.  Wood Printz will also discount on multiple items, so it's best to get a few of them, right?

What's on your list this month?  Let me know in the comments below!



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  1. I really love the Halloween prints PUGs been coming out with! There's been so much awesome Halloween stuff out this year in general. I can't get them all (or even a faction of what I have my eye on-- so much!) but boy do I love looking at it all! <3


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