Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Crazy Hat Day

I remember being a kid and having fun dress up days at school.  Sometimes it would be Hawaiian day, twin day, or my favorite: crazy hat day.  As an adult I have more hats than I necessarily need.  I see something cute and I just have to buy it.  The thing is, I rarely ever wear them.  Hats are a great accessory to pump up an otherwise plain outfit.  

There were two reasons why I wore this hat today.  One being the morning rain and the other being the fact that my hair was dirty.  In order to preserve my unnatural brown hue I like to wait a few days between washings.  So to avoid looking greasy, the hat was my prefect disguise :)

Hat- Modcloth
Top- Forever 21

If you're curious as to how I keep my hair lovely, feel free to click here.  Now I'm going to enjoy this unexpected cold weather by putting on pajamas and sipping on some hot chocolate!


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