Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Perfect Shade of Pink

I've been having issues with my makeup since I decided to go very very blonde.  While I love the lighter shade, I find it really hard to wear makeup and not look like a Motley Crue groupie.  So after doing a little research I've learned that with light hair, light eyes, and fair skin, less is more.  I have always had a 5 minute makeup routine, so this wasn't much of a change.  It's more about choosing a hue that is more neutral which prevents a harsh color from washing my face out.  Lip gloss is my favorite part of my makeup routine, so I set out to get the perfect products for the perfect pink lip.  For all you blondies out there, a pale pink lip palate is the best choice.  I searched all products from all price ranges and these products are my absolute favorite:

I started by lining my lips with lipliner by NARS in Jilted Love.  When I went to Sephora, they informed me that they actually don't carry this shade.  So I went to the NARS counter in Bloomingdale's and they said it was on back order for over 4 weeks!  Thankfully, the NARS website had it and for 21 bucks it was all mine :)

 Next  I filled in my lips with Big & Healthy Lip Stick by Buxom in London.  This was easily available at Sephora for 18 dollars.  What I love about this product is that it actually improves the condition of your lips after about a week of using it.  I have a chapped lip issue, and this has definitely made a difference.

And finally, I use lip gloss by NARS in Turkish Delight.  I bought this at Bloomingdale's for 24 dollars. It's a perfect top coat and it lasts a really long time.

The end result...

It's a complimentary shade for an everyday makeup routine and I absolutely love it!  I'm glad I could share my makeup tips with my readers and if you have any favorites let me know!



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  1. 5 minute make up routine? You always look so great! Teach me your ways! :p


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