Thursday, July 13, 2017

Hair Scarves Four Different Ways

Hair scarves are very much a part of my outfits.  Whether I'm adding a finishing touch, covering my sponge rollers, or (let's be honest) hiding dirty hair; using a pretty hair scarf is the easiest way to get it done!  Thanks to Doll Me Up, I'm showing you a few ways I use hair scarves in my everyday routine.  They're surprisingly versatile!
Doll Me Up Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf

Classic Headband:
Doll Me Up Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf
I would consider this the way I use my hair scarves the most.  It's perfect for adding a little bit of color to your outfit.  If you need a tutorial on how to tie a hair scarf like this, you can read my tutorial HERE.

Hair scarf: c/o Doll Me Up in Dusty Mint
Dress- c/o Vixen by Micheline Pitt

Hide Your Hair:
Doll Me Up Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf
This style is for those days where I don't want to style my hair/my hair is too dirty for public/I still have rollers in my hair.  It hides my lack of styling without compromising my outfit.  Nobody will never know what little effort you put into your hairstyle, it really is the perfect distraction!

Hair scarf- c/o Doll Me Up in Royal Blue
Dress- J. Crew

Faux Turban:
Doll Me Up Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf
This is basically the Hide Your Hair but with your hair down.  Don't like wearing your hair up but want to hide those roots?  This is certainly the most stylish way to do it.

Hair scarf- c/o Doll Me Up in Royal Blue
Bustier- Fab 208 NYC

The In-Betweener
Doll Me Up Vintage Inspired Hair Scarf
This is like the Classic Headband, but I purposely leave the back of the scarf wider so it covers most of the back of my head.  This is ideal for when your hair is up.  In my opinion, wearing your hair in a bun is pretty boring.  But adding this hair scarf totally changes that!

Hair scarf- c/o Doll Me Up Darling in Blue Sky
Dress- Trashy Diva

I was going to add a few other ways (necktie, belt) but I decided to keep it to hairstyles only.  What's your favorite way to wear your hair scarves?  Let me know in the comments below!




  1. I have few scarfs and I like them but somehow I always forget on them.


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