Saturday, December 27, 2014

Inspiration: Layering

Now that the weather has cooled down it's time to start thinking about layers.  As someone who can wear short sleeves most months out of the year, I don't spend much time putting intricate outfits together.  When I do need to layer up I'm mostly clueless.  I'm really weird about proportions and I think everything looks kind of crazy on me, hence the dress and cardigan winter staples.  Here are a few of my favorite bloggers and their much better takes on layering.

Marlen of Messages on a Napkin
All hail to the layering queen!  I've been inspired by Marlen for years.  To be honest, I had a hard time picking just one picture for this post.  She can take everything from an evening gown to a summer sundress and make it work for winter.  She always has lots of tips and tricks to maximize your wardrobe, so I'd highly recommend adding her to your reader if you're clueless like me.

Jessica of Midwest Muse
Jessica is quite knowledgeable when it comes to layering, probably because she would die in an Ohio winter if she weren't.  She doesn't own a pair of pants and she creates the prettiest outfits to accompany her winter wonderland posts.  It doesn't hurt that all her photos are gorgeous, too.  I've got serious camera/photographer envy over here.

CiCi of CiCi Marie
I love Cici's vintage inspired style.  I feel like with the exception of tights and a cardigan, it's somewhat hard to stay true to that style without freezing during winter.  Cici somehow took an outfit, with jeans no less, and made it hers.  I don't usually like wearing jeans, but this outfit might need to be recreated in the future.

Olivia of Her Name Was Celebration
I love that Olivia doesn't have an explicit style, so it's fun to see her play in her wardrobe.  This grunge inspired outfit is gorgeous and perfect for a southern California winter.  I really wish I could pull off a beanie like she does!

Lisa of LaLa Faux Bois
I feel like Lisa and I deal with similar climates.  We both don't stock up much warm clothes for the winter but need to have staple pieces for those cooler days.  Lisa is another layering queen and I have so much love for her quirky cute style.  She's also a thrifting maven so her wardrobe is truly one of a kind.  Basically, I love her.

What blogs are inspiration to you?  I think there are too many to mention as a whole so I like to categorize them into groups.  Maybe it's my OCD getting the best of me, but I can always take away a little something from everyone.  I'd love to hear your suggestions and maybe add a few new blogs to my reader too!




  1. love the first two outfits!
    layering is a key agains the cold weather :):)

  2. Ah, what a sweetheart you are! I find it quite incredible that I can inspire anyone, let alone you - you always look immaculate! I definitely get a tonne of practice layering in the UK..! CC x

  3. Aw thank you so much for including me with these amazing masters of layering, Ashley! We definitely don't get much opportunity for it in our perpetually sunny cities, but it is fun when we can :)

  4. I'm the same, I hate layering and am not very good at it. I have all these rules for myself about proportions and what works, which I think is where life is made difficult! Obviously in Scotland it gets kinda cold, so I need to layer up at times, but it's usually a vest under a dress and a cardi and coat over the top, nothing very thought provoking!

  5. Thanks for including me! Sometimes I get so bummed out like "HOW MANY LAYERS IS ENOUGH? IS THIS EVEN AN OUTFIT?" So, it really means a lot to know that my layers are working for inspiration 'cause they sure don't inspire me! Also I am forever inspired by CiCi and Lisa! I am definitely seeking more inspiration so I'm going to check out the other two.


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